Vision Statement: We intend to provide the best consumables and optimization equipment to our clients and customers while simultaneously working to improve the environmental, social and economic aspects of the world in which we operate. We also ensure that our practices and procedures are in compliance with all environmental, health and safety ordinances in the cities and regions in which we provide our services, and in compliance with the practices and procedures of our customers.  Our vision becomes reality by putting into action programs and practices that reduce the use of natural resources, optimize energy efficient products and technologies and foster innovations and creative solutions that add value for our clients, communities and our planet.


2015-2018 Goals and Objectives:

GOAL: With a focus on energy, Coldwater will reduce the amount of energy used on site at each of our company facilities over the next 3 years (2015 baseline) working with our equipment vendors and employees.

 Objective 1: All future purchases (2016 forward) of equipment must be rated through the Energy Star Program or EPEAT where possible.

Objective 2: After hours, staff will place all devices into energy saving mode when not in use.

Objective 3: At the end of the working day at our facilities, all equipment will be powered down or placed into energy saving mode.


GOAL: With a focus on waste management, Coldwater will reduce the amount of waste produced at our customer’s facilities over the next 3 years.

Objective 1: We will package all our products in recyclable and fiber based materials.  We will reduce the amount of waste produced from our packaging to near 0% each year.

Objective 2: We will work with our largest customers to develop a mechanism to recycle our used products made from rubber, UHMW, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.  This will require a partnership with our customers, and could generate substantially less landfill materials for our end users after our products are removed from service.


GOAL: With a focus on procurement, Coldwater will source products and materials in a responsible manner at all of our company facilities over the next 3 years working with our vendors.

Objective 1: All purchases of equipment from manufacturers will have at least one of the following policies, practices or certifications: 1. a Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliance, 2. ISO 14001 certification,  3. Manufacturing facilities powered in part by alternative energy sources,  4. Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) compliance, 5. Formal environmental-packaging policy, 6. Sponsorship or participation in formal product take-back/recycling program.

Objective 2: We will track and create a baseline for all purchases made with recycled content, which are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Objective 3: We will track and create a baseline for all purchases of products or materials that are considered non-toxic or reduced toxic.


Coldwater is committed to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by staff, our supply chain, and broader stakeholders. Coldwater is committed to providing timely management review of sustainable business operating procedures and practices. We commit to track, measure and report on our performance of the implementation of sustainability practices with a commitment of continual improvement in these areas. As part of our larger commitment to sustainability in the operational and procedural practices of Coldwater, we are also committed to providing the best, most sustainable products and services possible for our clients. We look to be a partner in providing sustainable solutions during the planning, implementation, review, and reporting phases of all projects in which we participate.



Wm. David Withers


Coldwater Group, Inc.