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Wilbanks Ceramics Run Longer and More Reliably.

With our acquisition of CoorsTek’s ceramic drainage elements business, we offer the complete line of Wilbanks Ceramics for more reliable performance bringing you over 35 years of advanced ceramics experience. Our Wilbanks line of high purity ceramics includes all standard materials (Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Nitride, & Silicon Carbide) for every major OEM design and applications such as Forming Boards, Foils, Suction Box Covers, Twin Wire Elements, Uhle Strips, and Cleaner Cones.

Coldwater/Wilbanks Ceramics consistently withstand the most demanding processing conditions and won’t sag, crack or deteriorate when attacked by the aggressive chemicals, abrasives or debris often present in the papermaking process.

Wilbanks Ceramics has the largest installed base in the industry and came as original equipment on virtually every modern Beloit paper machine. When you compare our ceramic performance and track record in the industry, there’s really no comparison. Coldwater/Wilbanks Ceramics run longer and more reliably.

Improve your drainage system’s performance and product quality today with Coldwater/Wilbanks rugged and extremely wear-resistant ceramics. Plus, special designs are available upon request.

Coldwater/Wilbanks Ceramics: proven leaders with the most reliable and innovative products in the industry, all made in the USA.

Ceramic Materials Selection Guide

Ceramic Comparison

Standard Ra Finishes–( ) = best average finish

Premium Aluminum Oxide– 16 (7)

Silicon Carbide– 12 (5)

Silicon Nitride– 12 (5) 

Zirconia (not recommended)  14 (6)

Ceramic Selection Guide


KEY: PAO/Premium Aluminum Oxide, SIN/Silicon Nitride, SIC/Silicon Carbide


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