Training Seminars

Coldwater offers on-site training seminars for mill maintenance personnel and anyone else interested in the suction rolls, so that they fully understand the suction roll’s function, and how it should be operated for maximum efficiency. In addition, a check of individual suction rolls can be performed at the mill as each suction roll is disassembled, or in conjunction with a service shop when rebuilding the rolls.

Here are some examples of the helpful topics we cover:

  • What a suction roll does, and how it works.
  • How to achieve maximum vacuum from proper use of showers and seals.
  • How to minimize the horsepower required to drive the roll.
  • How to determine if the shell is wearing too fast, and how to prevent it.
  • How to prevent many suction roll rubber or polyurethane cover failures.
  • How to extend the life of suction roll seals and properly install end deckles.
  • Inspection of bore profile and shell condition.
  • Check of air load pressure required for full vacuum.
  • Check of showers, seals and horsepower consumption.
  • Calculation of proper seal heights to match the shell I/D.

Proper Design/Use of Suction Roll Seals

Suction roll seals are critical elements in the function of a suction roll and sometimes the paper machine itself. Our article Proper Design/Use of Suction Roll Seals, originally published in Tappi Journal, discusses the purpose of the seal strip in the operation of the suction roll, and the proper design and use of this very important component.

Coldwater offers a one-day suction roll efficiency training seminar, and an ongoing efficiency inspection of suction rolls. For more information or to schedule a seminar, please call us.