Step Diffusor Inserts

Coldwater Step Diffusor Inserts Provide Maximum Coldwater Step Diffusor InsertsEfficiency.

Maintaining a sharp edge around the diameter of the insert bore is critical. Due to wear, the edge can become rounded over time, which reduces nozzle efficiency. Plus, inserts are exposed to harsh chemicals and temperature changes, which over time can result in spider cracks, flaking or delaminating of the insert face.

Headbox inserts need to be changed on a regular basis as worn inserts can have a negative impact on headbox stock flow. Coldwater Headbox Step Diffusor Inserts feature:

  • 25mm or 33mm standard design
  • Inlet bore diameters available in 0.5mm
    increments from 8mm to 13.5mm
  • Manufactured with OEM specified material that is a specialty polymer that can handle high temperatures and is chemical and wear resistant
  • Removal and installation services can be provided

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