Polyclean® Applicator Technology

The Innovative Polyclean® Applicator (PCA) System Eliminates Costly Deposits in the Drying Section.

Papermakers are constantly challenged with a variety of deposits and impurities in the dryer section that include stickies, fiber dust and starch/coating particles. As these impurities build up on the drying cylinders and dryer fabric they create a multitude of problems that affect safety, quality and profitability.

Dirty dryer cylinders and fabrics can create health and safety hazards such as dust explosions, fires and injuries from manual cleaning; sheet quality issues due to holes in the sheet, dirt in the sheet, poor moisture profiles and printability issues; production issues due to breaks, waste, shutdowns and reduced drying efficiency; converting issues due to breaks, deposits and waste.


The PCA System is Simple to Install and Provides Continuous Cleaning of the Dryer Fabric and Drying Cylinders for Improved Sheet Quality and Machine Efficiency.

Traditional solutions for cleaning the dryer cylinders and fabrics include high pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning or shut downs for manual cleaning, all of which are costly short-term solutions to a continuous problem.

The Polyclean® Applicator System easily attaches to an existing blade holder and includes an application wick for continuous and uniform metering of our Polyclean® passivation agent to both the dryer cylinder and the dryer fabric. The VOC-free Polyclean® complies with the FDA for paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

The Polyclean® Dosing Unit Requires Minimal Space and Is Provided at No Charge.

The applicator and the dosing unit are provided at no charge. The dosing unit requires minimal space and includes a flow measurement monitoring unit, a dosing pump and a filter unit. The dosing unit can be easily attached to the Polyclean® additive tote.

Developed in Germany by CTP and patented worldwide, Coldwater is the exclusive licensee for the PCA technology in North America.

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