Inspection Services

Coldwater Offers a Complete Line
of High Performance Headbox Parts and Services.

Inspection Services

All Headbox manufacturers recommend an annual inspection. It is best if the inspection occurs some months before an extended outage so that any needed parts can be obtained and inspected, and the work scope planned into the longer shutdown.

Coldwater personnel have years of experience providing these inspections and other headbox calibration services, which include:

  • Slice lip inspection and/or replacement of the slice lip.
  • Inspection, honing and minor repairs of the apron lip
  • Confirming the level and square of the slice beam
  • Calibration of the slice lip to the apron lip
  • Inspection removal and replacement of step diffuser inserts
  • Inspection, removal and replacement of diffuser blocks
  • Cleaning and polishing critical surfaces
  • Troubleshooting streaks and flow problems

Plus, while on site Coldwater personnel can learn of any day-to-day problems from the operators and try to identify the root causes of those problems. Our final Headbox Service Report details all work performed and includes recommendations for parts or future repairs that may be needed.