Edge Spreader Deckle Board

Coldwater’s Edge Spreader Deckle Boards utilize a built-in hinge combined with on-the-run adjustable stands to help control the sheet edge coming out of the headbox. This enables control of waves or disturbances produced by the headbox, as well as control of the weight on the edges of the sheet. The result is improved basis weight, moisture, and TSO angle profiles.

Through the use of a Teflon insert that is adjustable on the run, the system creates a seal with the wire to eliminate stock leaking under the deckle board and clumping, which can reduce sheet breaks. The insert is positioned at a 90 degree angle to the forming fabric which allows a good seal, with very little pressure. As a result, the insert wears longer, does not fray, cause tears or fiber build-up, and will not wear the edges of the forming fabric.

The deckle board drip shower prevents stock build-up and keeps the unit running clean.

Quick disconnect pins and optional hinged bases on the mounting stands allow for fast and easy removal for wire changes, and without the use of any tools.

All of these features combine to create the best running and most operator-friendly deckle board on the market.

  • Can start with a cheeking piece extension
  • Hinged design – Adjustable in and out of stock stream
  • Decreases edge waves or other disturbances created by the headbox
  • Improved CD basis weight, moisture, and TSO angle profiles
  • Drip shower – Keeps unit running clean
  • 90 degree Teflon insert
    • Excellent seal to wire
    • Longer wear life
    • Easy on forming fabrics
    • “on the run” adjustability
    • No tearing, no fiber build up
  • Stainless steel micro adjustable stands with optional quick disconnect mounting for fast & easy removal and re-installation during wire changes
  • Rugged construction – all stainless steel components

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