ColdFlex Flexible Rubber Graphite Seals

The Best Suction Roll Sealing Technology.

The world #1, ColdFlex is a flexible rubber graphite suction roll seal material developed and designed by Coldwater for the specific requirements of a suction roll seal. It isn’t used for anything else. ColdFlex™ has the same graphite content as our Classic/Joseal rubber graphite material, but is significantly more flexible and fracture resistant because it’s made from a unique elastomeric composite.

ColdFlex seals will typically run much longer than harder seal materials because they resist the upward thermal bow into the shell that occurs with stiffer seal materials after dry contact with the shell. ColdFlex also solves the brittleness problems associated with first generation rubber graphite seals. When combined with our proprietary end deckle material, all suction roll seal breakage issues are solved once and for all without risk of damage to the shell.

Other features include:

  • Generates low noise and will wear-in quickly.
  • Has a low coefficient of friction for low power consumption.
  • Can have two-year or more run times with our custom fitting program.
  • No breakage in handling guaranteed.

Energy Savings

Improper application of suction roll seals can significantly impact power consumption, and decrease the operating interval between changes. The article Energy Savings for Suction Rolls, lists the history of suction roll seal design, and provides guidance to reduce energy consumption and extend run times.

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Country Stocking Distributor Trade Name
Australia Quest Paper Equipment ColdFlex
Brazil Kadant Duraseal
Canada Robco GSS
China Aikawa ColdFlex and EasySeal
Mexico Kadant Duraseal
South Africa PMT ColdFlex
Sweden Coldwater Jocell ColdFlex
United States Coldwater Seals (Atlanta, GA and Appleton, WI) ColdFlex
Japan Aikawa ColdFlex

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