Coldwater/Lantier Doctor Blades

A Complete Line of High Performance Doctor Blades and Accessories.

Coldwater offers an extensive line of high performance doctor blades from metals and phenolics to epoxy glass and carbon fibers. All of our blade and tubing products are co-branded with our partners at Lantier. We provide doctor blades, creping blades, coater and sealing blades, and tubing as well as Lantier doctoring equipment.

In addition to our complete doctor blade offering, Coldwater can provide the expertise and labor for blade and tubing changes as well as other outage inspection services.  Coldwater can also provide any needed replacement parts, such as bearings, oscillators or holders and complete new doctoring equipment in cooperation with our global partner Lantier. Just call your Coldwater representative to discuss your mill’s specific needs.

Coldwater’s doctor blades are available from our facilities in the United States, Europe and China. Plus, every doctor blade is backed by excellent customer service, technical assistance, field support and an extensive inventory of ready-to-ship materials, including:

ProCarbolan BladesProCarbon

Coldwater’s ProCarbolan premium carbon fiber blades should be used whenever wear resistance is critical, but offer superior performance life in many applications, often making them the best value. Most applications require either our standard duty ProCarbolan or our premium duty ProCarbolan 100. We also offer ProCarbolan LITE, ProCarbolan BLUE, and ProCarbolan PLUS blades.

ProFiber Ederlan Bladesprofiber

Coldwater’s most popular blades for standard duty use. ProFiber Ederlan blades are commonly used throughout the machine, including dryer sections and sheet shedding positions. All of these products have excellent mechanical properties and very low water absorption. Available in LT, HT, XT, ST and XH grades.

ProGrit Ederlan and Carbolan Abrasive BladesProgrit

Coldwater’s ProGrit Ederlan Blade is a glass fiber blade with abrasive fillers evenly distributed in the resin. Use ProGrit to remove rust and contamination from the surface of dryer cylinders and any metal rolls. ProGrit Carbolan is a double layer carbon fiber blade with abrasive fillers for ceramic center press rolls and other challenging positions.

ProMica Celolan BladesM_ProMica

Coldwater’s traditional cotton fiber doctor blade for use in wire sections and on press felt rolls. This blade material has better doctoring characteristics than ProPolylan and is recommended for roll cover hardnesses of 8-12 P&J. ProMica Celolan is impregnated with lubricant for smoother running.

ProPolylan BladesM_ProPoly

ProPolylan Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) blades are most commonly used on wire return rolls and polyurethane covered press rolls and other wet applications. ProPolylan is recommended for roll cover hardnesses of 12 P&J and softer. A variety of ProPolylan configurations are available including reinforced and self-lubricating ProPolylan PLUS with molybdenum disulfide.

Metallic BladesMetallic 2

Coldwater offers a full range of metallic doctor blades in a variety of widths and thicknesses, beveled or square. Tungsten carbide and ceramic coating for the wearing edge are also available for coating or creeping applications.



Application Guide

Forming Section
Material <10P&J >10P&J Remarks
 ProCarbolan 100
 ProCarbolan Plus
 ProPolylan Not to exceed 10KG/Meter
 ProPolylan Plus Not to exceed 10KG/metre
 ProMica Celolan Use thicker blade on >10P & J
 ProFiber Ederlan XT Solves most Doctoring problems
 ProFiber Ederlan HT


Press Section
Material <10P&J Granite Ceramic >10P&J Remarks
 ProGrit Carbolan
 ProCarbolan 100
 ProCarbolan Plus
 ProPolylan Plus
 ProMica Celolan
 ProFiber Ederlan XT
 ProFiber Ederlan HT


Drying Section
Material Dryers Calendar Reel Remarks
 ProMonel  Use for special applications
 ProGrit Ederlan  Use to remove excess dirt
 ProGrit Carbolan
 ProCarbolan 100
 ProCarbolan Plus
 ProFiber Ederlan XT
 ProMica Celolan  Limited application
 ProFiber Ederlan HT


MG/Yankee Cylinder
Material Cut Off Creping Cleaning Remarks
 ProBronze  Use on reground cylinders
 ProGrit Ederlan  Use to remove excessive dirt
 ProFiber  Ederlan XT
 ProFiber Ederlan HT

Wear Analysis

Symptoms Problem Probable Cause Remedy
Uneven Wear
Frequent Blade Change
a) Poor Roll Surface
b) Damaged or Dirty Blade Holder
c) Deposits
a) Use more Flexible Blade
b) Clean, repair or Replace Holder
c) Use Abrasive Blade
Excessive Wear in Centre of Blade or at Ends a) Doctor not Machined to Match Roll Crown
b) Old Doctor sagging into (or away from ) Roll
a) Refit and Shim Holder to Doctor Back as necessary
b) Replace old, sagging Doctor
Excessive Wear on one End a) Doctor misaligned or not parallel to roll axis a) Shim, or move Bearings and Brackets as necessary, to align Doctor parallel to axis
Even Wear but Rough Edge a) Deposits on Roll
b) Excessive Pressure on Blade
c) Blade Material too hard
a) Use Abrasive Blade as Required
b) Reduce Pressure
c) Use Softer Blade
Excessive Wear in Sheet Run a) Deposits left on Roll by Sheet a) Use Abrasive Blade as Required
b) Trim Blade Edges Frequently
c) Use End Slotted Blades to prevent build-up of Excessive Pressure
Excessive Wear Outside Sheet Run a) Sheet Lubricates Roll a) Slot Blade Ends to Relieve Pressure
Localized Pitting a) Blade Attacked by:
1: Electrostatic Discharge
2: Electrolysis
3: Heat
a) Insulate Doctor from Machine Frame, or use Non-Metallic Blade
Blade Develops Feathered Edge a) Blade Material too Soft
b) Excessive Pressure
c) Blade Angle too Flat
a) Use Harder Blade
b) Reduce Pressure
c) Move Bearings or Brackets to Increase Angle
Hooks on Blade Outside Roll Surface Blade Overhangs Roll
1: Not Centered
2: Too Long
3: Not Oscillating Properly.
1: Center Blade
2: Trim Length
3: Adjust Oscillating Stroke
Dent in Blade Edge a) Blade Caught Scab on Roll at Start-up. (Most common on old dryers) a) Change Blade and Re

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