Blade Inventory Management Program

Is Your Mill’s Doctor Blade Inventory a BIG MESS?  WATCH VIDEO

Our Doctor Blade Inventory Management Program Will Get it Organized and Give Your Mill Greater Safety and Convenience.

How many different kinds of blades are used on your machine? How many do you really need? What’s the most convenient way to store and handle them?

With Coldwater’s unique BLADEBOX® and BOXBIN® blade management concepts we can optimize, reduce and more cost-effectively manage your doctor blade inventories. Let us simplify and organize your inventory and train your team so everyone knows where the blades are, where they go, and how to make safe blade changes.

Machine art diagram

A key part of our inventory management program is our blade mapping system to help blade changes go quickly, safely and smoothly.




 Simplify Inventory Management

We simplify the labeling by position, provide a machine drawing showing where each blade goes, and mark each BLADEBOX stored in our BOXBIN custom cabinets.

CW Boxbin CabinetBOXBIN Storage System Protects Your Investment.

Our unique BOXBIN steel storage cabinets are moveable and water tight. Your doctor blades stay organized and in excellent condition, and are easily transportable. The glass doors and simplified labeling system let you see at a glance what is available or what needs to be reordered. Every BOXBIN is custom designed for your mill’s needs and these cabinets are provided at no charge as part of our consignment and managed inventory program.

CW DocBlade Box

BLADEBOX for Safer Handling.

Coldwater uses heavy-duty boxes, called a BLADEBOX, to help keep your mill personnel safe while protecting your doctor blade investment. Our BLADEBOX protects you from the doctor blades while they are coiled or under tension for much safer handling.

Think Safety! One Blade Per Box is Available.

Several blades can be stored in each box and dispensed as needed. However, we strongly recommend and offer at no extra charge, one blade per box. Packing a single blade per box improves safety by reducing the weight and bulk of each box making them easier to handle and transport to remote or awkward positions high on the machine. It’s a simple step that has proven to reduce the risk of injuries.


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