Acu-Tech Forming® System

Acu-Tech Forming® System


The Acu-Tech Forming® System is a custom designed configuration of our on-the-run family of adjustable blades. This includes the Acu-Foil™, Acu-Step™ and Acu-Pulse™ blades on either gravity or vacuum augmented units.Acu-Tech-Forming-Section-art 

Acu-Tech Forming® System Advantages

  • Adaptable to most existing equipment
  • Simple designs with low maintenance
  • Cost-effective alternative to adjustable tables
  • Upgradeable to automation

Acu-Pulse™ Blade is the First and Only On-the-Run Adjustable Pulse Generating Forming Element

Acu-Pulse-5683-new-background Our patented Acu-Pulse Blade is designed so when it’s in the disengaged/off position it operates similar to a conventional foil blade. As adjustment is made to the control knob, (or through use of an actuator) the pulse generator on the back of the blade becomes engaged to induce a positive pressure pulse to the slurry. A continued knob adjustment increases the elevation of the pulse generator which increases the intensity imparted on the stock slurry, thereby increasing activity and realigning fibers to form the sheet. The Acu-Pulse Blade is designed to fit existing equipment (T-Bars) and can be a substitute to standard foil blades. This makes conducting field trials, and evaluating the results, a low risk to the process and the mill.

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Acu-Step™ Blade is a Unique On-the-Run Vertically Adjustable Forming Element

Acu-Step-IMG_1035-new-backgroundThe patent pending Acu-Step™ Blade is a unique on-the-run vertically adjustable forming element that can be variably adjusted down from the wire elevation by as much as .4” (10mm). The Acu-Step’s compact design is much more stable than other forming elements to avoid vibration and it’s available in widths to accommodate various machine T-Bar spacing. On-the-Run adjustments can be made manually via a control knob or automatically through the use of an electronic actuator. The blade is designed to fit with existing equipment and T-Bars and can be a substitute to standard foil blades or stepped blades. Plus, Acu-Step blades can be operated on gravity or vacuum augmented drainage units.   

Machines that have a wide basis weight and/or speed range benefit most from this adjustable on-the-run technology. It allows machine operators to optimize the forming section differently for each grade being produced rather than having to use just one run set-up that works moderately on all grades or having to replace foil elements with different blades for different grades. A typical arrangement might include 4-5 Acu-Pulse or Acu-Step blades arranged in the early portion of the forming section on gravity units and 3-4 Acu-Step blades arranged on each vacuum augmented unit.

Acu-Step blades also feature our DC-RAZ™ technology which combines ceramic wear surfaces with a replaceable ZONE in the center of the blade. This ZONE section can be machined into a variety of different configurations depending on the grade of paper, speed and end goal.

Acu-Foil™ Blade

Acu-Foil-4072-new-backgroundOur Acu-Foil Blade is an on-the-run adjustable angle foil blade. Acu-Foil is a great choice for machines that need foil angle changes between grades to maintain optimum drainage and sheet forming. Advantages include:

  • On-the-run variable adjustable angle from 0 to 4 degrees
  • Leading edge maintains elevation with forming fabric through the entire range of adjustment unlike T-Bar adjustable type foils
  • Easy to read scale
  • Optimize drainage and formation for each grade without having to pull foils
  • Durable premium aluminum oxide for longer life
  • Automation package available


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MultiForm™ is the most flexible and cost-effective stock activity generation control system on the market.

Most Flexible

A variety of different inserts can be used to produce the correct type of stock activity in the correct location of your forming process. The design of the inserts determines the stock pulse frequency along with how much water is introduced back into the sheet. Plus, the inserts are also changeable on-the-run to accommodate different machine speeds and changes in fiber furnish.


A UHMW polyethylene base board is designed to slide onto the existing T-Bars on any existing drainage structure. As the inserts wear they are replaced at a much lower cost than traditional stock activity generating foil blades due to a minimal amount of material and their innovative but simple design.

How the Different Inserts Work

standard insert The Standard insert is the most powerful insert, this is because it has the longest pulse and a very abrupt trailing angle. The trailing angle also forces water back into the sheet. This insert is very beneficial for slower speeds and floccy air pad type headboxes. This insert is also targeted more for the forming board.
multipulse insert The MultiPulse™ insert produces a higher pulse frequency resulting in smaller eddy currents which complement a small fiber furnish and hydraulic headboxes. This insert also forces a small amount of water back into the sheet. It is suited for the forming board and gravity foil sections.
agitator insert The Agitator insert provides a gentler pulse than the Angle or MultiPulse inserts due to its gradual trailing angle. This insert also forces the least amount of water back into the sheet which is beneficial for later sections of the table where disrupting the wire side of the sheet may have negative effects.

Application Guidelines

Insert Design

standard insert agitator insert multipulse insert
Air Pad Headbox X X X
Hydraulic HB within Design Flow Rates X X
Hydraulic HB outside Design Flow Rates X X X
Long Fiber Furnish Grades X X
Short Fiber Furnish Grades X X
Pulse Frequency Generation (3=Highest) 1 2 3
Stock Activity Generation (3=Highest) 3 2 1

Number of MultiForm Units Required

Forming Board Only Gravity Section Only Forming Board
and Gravity Section
Air Pad Headbox X
Hydraulic HB within Design Flow Rates X
Hydraulic HB outside Design Flow Rates X
High Headbox Consistency Grades X
Low Headbox Consistency Grades X X
Good Stock Activity After Forming Board X
Poor Stock Activity After Forming Board X X

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MultiPulse™ Foil

The MultiPulse™ foil is designed to impart a series of high frequency pulses into the sheet. The design of the blade allows for very high pulse frequencies (in excess of 120 Hz) to be achieved, even at speeds below 1000 fpm. It is also effective in redistributing fines in the sheet since it forces a portion of the water removed by the foil back into the sheet. This prevents sealing, keeping the sheet open for easier water removal later. Sheet strength properties are also increased with improved fines distribution.

  • Increase pulse frequency to decrease fiber flock size
  • Improve formation
  • Increase drainage
  • Improve MD and CD strength properties
  • Improve fines distribution
  • Break up streaks for improved profiles
  • Improve smoothness
  • Low Risk – low capital investment
  • Available in UHMW poly or poly with ceramic insert

MultiPulse-HP™ is a “High Power” version of the MultiPulse foil. This blade is designed for low speed applications that are very difficult to activate with traditional activity generating technologies. It can be installed in any gravity foil box or vacuum assisted foil box.

  • Generate high intensity activity even at low speeds with large slice openings
  • Convert low vacuum foils into pulsative drainage units
  • Improve the operation of existing step foil or broken plane systems
  • Increase pulse frequency to decrease fiber floc size
  • Improve formation
  • Increase drainage
  • Improve MD and CD strength properties
  • Improve fines distribution
  • Break up streaks for improved profiles
  • Improve smoothness
  • Available in UHMW poly or poly with ceramic insert

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