New Stickies and Dust Elimination Technology

PCA SystemColdwater Group of Atlanta, Georgia USA is pleased to announce its acquisition of an exclusive license for the North American market of the new PolyClean® Applicator (PCA) Technology from CTP GmbH of Germany.

The patented PCA system uses a wick that fits into a standard doctor blade holder to apply a light passivation film on the surface of a dryer that prevents stickies from forming and greatly reduces dust. Over 40 installations are now running successfully in Europe with the benefits typically seen on several dryers downstream, and on the clothing. Mills have been able to return steam to lead dryer positions, reduce sheet breaks, keep clothing cleaner, and greatly reduce cleaning costs.

The PCA equipment is simple to install and is provided at no charge. The PolyClean® soap is provided in 1000 liter totes and contains no VOC’s. When combined with Coldwater’s BladePro doctor blade technology throughout the dryer section, significant savings are possible. The technology was featured at PaperCon 2015 in Atlanta and the first North American installations are targeted for the 2nd quarter of 2015. For more information contact Doug Wall at 318-355-6930 or