Coldwater Starts Up PCA Dryer Passivation System in Southwestern U.S. Recycled Mill

September 28, 2016

Atlanta, GA—David Withers, President, announced that Coldwater has sold and completed the start-up of another PCA Dryer Passivation System at a recycled mill in the Southwest U.S.

The innovative PCA Dryer Passivation System has been installed on a 4.5 meter (176 inch) wide recycled paperboard machine that was experiencing significant build-up in the first section of dryers, especially on the dryer fabric and felt return rolls, which resulted in unscheduled downtime for cleaning.

Coldwater’s PCA Dryer Passivation System was installed on an existing doctor blade holder (but can be mounted separately if needed) and includes a Kevlar application wick that applies a continuous and uniform metering of Coldwater’s PolyClean® passivation agent to both the dryer cylinders and dryer fabrics. The PolyClean® passivation agent prevents stickies from forming on the dryer surface and is transferred to additional dryers downstream keeping those dryers clean as well. The PolyClean® passivation agent is VOC-free and complies with the FDA for paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods. Plus, this system can be used on dryer felt rolls for dryer felt passivation. The PolyClean® dosing unit can easily attach to the additive tote, requires minimal space and includes a flow measurement monitoring unit, a dosing pump and a filter unit.

After installation of the PCA System, the mill’s first dryer section now runs clean with no dust build-up and no build-up on the felt rolls or the dryer fabric. This has resulted in reduced picking and increased up-time with no required batch cleaning.


PCA Dryer Passivation Brochure Letter Size / A4 Size