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New Stickies and Dust Elimination Technology
August 1st, 2015

Coldwater Group of Atlanta, Georgia USA is pleased to announce its acquisition of an exclusive license for the North American market for the new PolyClean Applicator Technology (PCA) from CTP GmbH of Germany.

The patented PCA system uses a wick that fits into a standard doctor blade holder to apply a continuous light film on the surface of a dryer that prevents stickies from forming and greatly reduces dust…

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ColdFlex Flexible Rubber Graphite Seals—

An Innovative Design That Will Run Longer and are Guaranteed NOT to Break.

ColdFlex flexible seals are designed to reduce the thermal bow into the shell that occurs with stiffer materials, which leads to higher drag loads and shorter seal life. ColdFlex limits dry contact with the shell so they run longer and quieter with less friction.

ColdFlex’s unique design also eliminates the brittleness and breakage problems associated with other rubber graphite seals and end deckle material. All seal breakage issues are solved without any risk of damage to the roll shell with lower noise and wear-in quickly,  a low coefficient of friction to reduce energy consumption and they deliver two year and longer run times with our custom fitting program.

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How many different kinds of blades are used on your machine? How many do you really need? What’s the most convenient way to store and handle them?

With Coldwater’s unique BLADEBOX® and BOXBIN® blade management concepts we can optimize, reduce and more
cost-effectively manage your doctor blade inventories. Let us simplify and organize your inventory and train your team so everyone knows where the blades are, where they go, and how to make safe blade changes.

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